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Our Commitment

As the end consumer of our products and services, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life of our patients suffering from a variety of bleeding disorders. By working closely with patients and patient associations in Canada and around the world, we are able to develop a better, more empathetic understanding of our patients’ needs and challenges. We then leverage this knowledge to further innovate and improve our products themselves and the overall patient experience.


Octapharma’s products and solutions help healthcare professionals make a meaningful difference in the lives of Canadians. For patients suffering from immunological and blood coagulation disorders, and those who require critical care in a time of need, we provide safe and innovative therapeutic products derived from human plasma.


The unblemished safety record of Octapharma products provides a unique sense of confidence to both patients and healthcare professionals alike. Octapharma has pioneered the adoption of the ‘Solvent-Detergent’ (S/D) treatment process for viral inactivation of all its products, which according to the World Federation of Hemophilia is the current gold standard for safety from highly infectious enveloped viruses, and “should be seriously considered as the option of choice when assessing products.” The S/D process in conjunction with other critical steps in the broader viral inactivation process have collectively delivered our enviable record of no known viral transmissions over the last three decades.


At Octapharma, patient safety is critically important and is never left to chance. Our enviable history and proven track record are a function of a highly rigorous process that begins with our plasma source. All blood donors, collection centres, and donated blood or plasma are held to the highest standards. Once received in our facility, a highly precise and multi-stage virus inactivation process takes over before releasing finished products for use in patients.