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Coagulation Disorders

Octapharma develops and manufactures high-purity, virally inactivated coagulation factor concentrates for patients with bleeding disorders.


These products meet the highest standards in terms of viral safety and efficacy, thereby significantly improving the quality of life for people with disorders like VWD and hemophilia A, B.


Our state of the art products continue to set new benchmarks in viral safety and efficacy, supported by strong clinical evidence in inhibitor management. We are also developing the first human cell line based recombinant Factor VIII, which is designed to reduce the overall immunogenic challenge (and resulting inhibitor formation) in patients with hemophilia A.


“as the world's largest provider of plasma derived FVIII concentrates, we ensure complete confidence in the safety and efficacy of the plasma-derived products”

Conditions commonly treated with coagulation products

"Bleeding disorder" is a general term for a wide range of medical problems that lead to poor blood clotting and continuous bleeding, including von Willebrand disease (VWD) and Hemophilia A.


In people with such disorders, clotting factors like von Willebrand factor (VWF) or Factor VIII, Factor IX are missing or don't work as they should. This causes these individuals to bleed for a longer time than those whose blood factor levels are normal. Early on-demand or prophylactic therapy that replaces the missing coagulation factor is able to effectively control or prevent acute bleeding in this group of patients.


Note: this content is for information only. For diagnosis and treatment, please consult your physician.