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Working for Octapharma

To be the best, Octapharma hires the best. With over 4,200 of the brightest minds in the industry, we offer a dynamic workplace where ideas and entrepreneurial vision are encouraged, acknowledged and rewarded.


Our corporate culture is driven by innovation, which not only leads to new products, but also new processes and other ideas to better serve our customers.


Our success stems from our policy of aggressively promoting from within. This, coupled with our dramatic growth rate, means a wealth of opportunity for enterprising and talented individuals.


Octapharma’s focus on quality of life goes beyond those who need our products; it also includes the people who help bring those products to market. We believe that the best results come from those who enjoy a strong work-life balance, and we are committed to helping our team members achieve it.


Whether your expertise is in research and development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, finance or engineering, we are always looking for the right people to help us in our objective to improve the quality of life for Canadians while reaching our business objective of establishing new medical milestones.




Developing Our Leaders

Our employees today will be our leaders tomorrow. We believe in developing deep expertise in one functional area and move high potential employees to other business critical areas to enhance the overall skills and competencies of employees. We offer management and/or leadership development programs to sharpen and develop the skills of our managers. These programmes are in collaboration with institutions such as INSEAD Paris.


The Right Competence

Taking the initiative and being accountable for results are hall mark competencies required to be successful at Octapharma. To ensure we have the right person for each job, mandatory skills are clearly defined during the recruitment process. Employees are encouraged to take charge of their own professional and personal development by attending training courses, transferring between business units and working abroad.


Employee Commitment

We place strong emphasis on shaping our workplace culture by defining shared values and competencies, as well as acknowledging that each individual contributes to a successful organization.


“...it's what we are made of that makes all the difference to us and the stakeholders we serve...”

Sri Adapa
General Manager, Octapharma Canada Inc.


“There is great power in the knowledge that the work we all perform has a direct link to patients’ lives.”

Gote Carlebjork
Head of Quality Assurance Plasma, Stockholm


“I accompanied Octapharma’s immense growth personally and geographically, living in Germany, in Austria and then moving back to France. As the company grew and developed, so did I; I am an Octapharma product myself.”

Frederic Bal
Head of Quality, Lingolsheim


“Being family owned has always been an advantage because flexibility and relatively short decision paths make us very efficient, I think this is the biggest difference to other companies.”

Gerhard Tuma
Head of Aseptic Production, Vienna


“It doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are, if you are qualified you are given a chance to shine at Octapharma.”

Ying Wang
Line Manager, Heidelberg