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Product Development

Since our launch in 1982, our commitment to innovation has been consistently proven with a demonstrated history of launching either ‘First in Class’ or ‘Best in Class’ products. Over 200 Octapharma Research & Development (R&D) scientists continuously explore new therapies based on human proteins, either purified from human plasma or produced by human cell recombinant technologies. 


Our research and development activities occur in four centres of excellence in Europe (Vienna, Austria; Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich Germany and Stockholm, Sweden). In 2012, Octapharma Biopharmaceuticals, an ambitious research facility dedicated to human cell based recombinant research commenced operations in Heidelberg, Germany.


Our R&D team is divided into two key areas:

The R&D Plasma Group focuses on developing novel plasma-derived protein products and supporting lifecycle management of the existing Octapharma product portfolio. 


The R&D Recombinant Group is dedicated to developing therapeutic human recombinant products and upscaling related production capabilities. 


Recombinant proteins produced with cultured human cells in our state-of-the-art facilities have identical properties to those produced within the human body. For this reason, they provide greater tolerance versus competing products derived from hamster cells. While recombinant products available today are produced from animal cell lines, our future focus on developing recombinant products using human cell lines for bleeding disorders is path-breaking and a further testament to our innovation agenda. 


While Octapharma has several recombinant products at different stages of development, the lead candidate Factor VIII is currently in Phase III, and is moving steadily towards commercialization. For a complete list of our products in development, click here


In order to meet the high demands of the marketplace, production volumes must far exceed the smaller R&D batch sizes. Upscaling is the process of scientifically elevating production of recombinant solutions from pilot batches to full-scale manufacturing. Successfully achieving this volume increase while maintaining unsurpassed quality standards is a challenging but vital mandate for the R&D Recombinant Group.


“...continuously exploring new therapies based on human proteins”


“...our R&D record of developing 2 new products every 3 years since our inception speaks to our capabilities.”