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Partnerships in Canada

Octapharma has long-standing relationships with Canadian Blood Services (CBS) and Héma-Québec (HQ), healthcare professionals and patient advocacy groups from coast to coast. We are proud to be a valued and consistent supplier to the Canadian blood system, and are committed to delivering trusted products and services across the healthcare system. Our current portfolio of products available in Canada consists of several first-in-class therapies, and we have several innovative new products pending license or involved in clinical trials. 


In helping Canadian healthcare professionals deliver the highest possible quality of care, we offer an ever-increasing line of innovative products, topped with product supply guarantees, knowledge-enriching program funding, investments in clinical research, post marketing studies and patient support programs – all of which are make us more than a supplier of products in Canada.


Our Vision

Octapharma has significant expertise, know how and a demonstrated track record of helping nations reach their plasma products self-sufficiency goals. This has a profound effect on how plasma is collected, fractionated and delivered. Countries that have entered into these agreements have realized significant cost savings while still remaining true to the mandate of delivering cutting-edge products.

Our goal is to work with our valued partners, including Canadian Blood Services and Héma-Québec, to explore every opportunity to ensure that our blood system remains a world class system for the collection, manufacture and distribution of innovative therapies. Our ultimate end goal is to assist CBS and HQ to play a leadership role in advancing transfusion medicine to the next level. 

We owe it to our patients and their families to work closely with various patient organizations and help deliver their mandates. Organizations such as the Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS), Canadian Immunodeficiencies Patient Organization (CIPO) and Answering TTP are making a difference in the lives of patients and their families and we are committed to their goals. 


“...Our contribution to improving healthcare goes beyond the products we make. We have the credibility to be a responsible partner to the Canadian blood system and its stakeholders”