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Octapharma's manufacturing strategy is built on unparalleled production flexibility and security of supply through our five strategically-developed state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a centre of excellence for product packaging.


Using the latest technology and a strict Quality Control process, these plants carry out plasma fractionation and purification, pharmaceutical production, R&D, and/or product labelling, packaging, storage, and distribution. These "right-sized" facilities are designed for fractionation efficiency and to quickly adapt to changes in market needs or to mitigate risk. And while each facility is designed with duplicate production processes each plant is also being developed as a designated centre of excellence for certain products.


An ambitious expansion plan for each of these facilities with investments over $500 million will further increase manufacturing flexibility and immunoglobulin manufacturing capacity.   

Vienna Plant, Austria

Lingolsheim Plant, France

Stockholm Plant, Sweden

Springe Plant, Germany

Dessau Plant, Germany



Mexico City Plant, Mexico