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Our company's mission is to enhance the safe and optimal use of human proteins.


Octapharma respects donated human plasma as a scarce and valuable resource. We meet our mission through the use of cutting-edge, validated viral inactivation and state-of-the-art purification technologies, in order to achieve the highest production yields and manufacture medical products with the highest possible safety margins.

Octapharma has implemented a strategy of continuous investment in, and enhancement of both existing products as well as new products to develop a world-class portfolio of human proteins for the future.

In addition to our plasma-based activities, Octapharma has dedicated increasing resources over the past decade to human recombinant protein research and development. This involves the use of cultured human cells to produce therapeutic protein products in specific therapy areas such as hemophilia and wound healing.

Our vision is to continuously improve treatment for the benefit of all patients with life-threatening diseases, by engaging top researchers in R&D regularly contributing new clinical information, and establishing solid relationships with patient-centered organizations.