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Plasma Donation

Many life-saving pharmaceuticals are manufactured from blood and plasma – neither of which can be made artificially. Plasma donation saves lives and helps patients with different diseases and conditions. People choose to donate plasma for many reasons.


Some have a friend or family member who has benefited from plasma products. Others have a disease or illness that yields valuable antibodies for medical treatments or research. And some are simply motivated through the altruistic satisfaction in helping others.


Octapharma owns and operates plasma collection centres throughout the United States, and Europe through wholly owned subsidiaries. This is critical to the development of life-saving patient therapies utilized by thousands of patients all over the world. In North America and Europe, Octapharma Plasma, Inc. operates FDA and European Union approved plasma collection centres located throughout the US and EU. These centres adhere to strict safety regulations for the protection of the donors and the products collected. For more information on the safety of products produced from donated plasma, please click here.


To donate within Canada, please visit Canadian Blood Services (CBS) or Héma-Québec.


“...donors are heroes – saving lives through the safe and simple process of giving their plasma...”