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Vienna Plant, Austria

The Vienna plant was the first Octapharma-owned production site. The premises, located on the southern outskirts of Vienna, were acquired in 1989 from the state-owned Heilmittelwerke Austria/Chemie Linz. It was the first plant to manufacture a solvent detergent (SD)-treated Factor VIII preparation as well as the first virus-inactivated plasma for transfusion.


The plant has since grown enormously. The size of premises has nearly doubled to 54,000 m², the original buildings have been upgraded and equipped with the latest in production and laboratory technology, and new buildings have been constructed. The plant's annual fractionation capacity grew from 600,000 litres in 1999 to 1.2 million litres in 2010, while the staff increased from 150 to 650 in the same time period.


One of the new buildings houses a new filling line for large volume parenterals and a freeze drying unit with an automatic loading and unloading robot – all using state-of-the-art isolator technology – as well as a protein purification unit providing dedicated production lines for each product. A new utility complex provides the production media for the entire plant and is laid out for a total plasma fractionation capacity of 1.6 million litres.


Together, these investments make the Vienna site one of the most modern fractionation plants in the world.


Quality & safety
In order to meet the challenges of safe and economical fractionation, tremendous efforts have gone into implementing and continuously upgrading the site's Quality Systems.


The plant itself and its Quality Systems are subject to regular audits by authorities from all over the world. In 2004 the plant was licensed with the FDA and currently manufactures three products for the US market, with additional licenses pending.


On-site units 
Fractionation/purification; pharmaceutical production; labelling, packaging and storage facilities; Quality Control; R&D laboratories; administrative units; Clinical Research & Development Unit


On-site subsidiaries
Octapharma Pharmazeutika Produktionsges.m.b.H. (Operations) 
Octapharma Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. (Marketing & Sales)

Products manufactured


octagam®, ablunormTM, octanate®, wilate®, octanine®F, octaplex®, octaplasmaTM 


Annual plasma fractionation capacity

1.2 million litres


“Plasma fractionation is much more of an art than a science. Discipline in thinking and working are key elements. Nevertheless science remains the background for the art.”