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Springe Plant, Germany


Following a successful cooperation with the DRK-Blutspendedienst NSTOB since 2002, Octapharma leased the DRK's Plasma Fractionation Facility in Springe, Plasmaverarbeitungsgesellschaft mbH (PVG),in April 2006, thus increasing Octapharma's production capacity by 300,000 litres per year.


Octapharma acquired the PVG in April 2008, which became Octapharma Produktionsgesellschaft Deutschland m.b.H.. At the same time, Octapharma also purchased adjacent farmland with the intention of extending the production facilities and thus ultimately doubling the plant's current annual fractionation capacity to 1.2 million litres by 2013 and enabling production of most of Octapharma's products. This massive investment project, involving more than €95 million, is ongoing, with the administrative building and storage facilities already being operational.


The plant currently employs 150 people, but it is expected that by completion of the extension work up to 100 additional qualified jobs will be available.


Environmental and ecological considerations have been of great concern in all aspects of the project's design and realisation, as the premises border a nature reserve.


On-site units
Fractionation / purification; pharmaceutical production; Quality Control laboratories; storage facilities; administrative units


On-site subsidiaries
Octapharma Produktionsgesellschaft Deutschland.m.b.H.

Products manufactured

albunormTM, PPSB, all relevant intermediate fractionation products (i.e., cryoprecipitate, Fraction IX Intermediate, Fraction I+II+III, Fraction II and Fraction V)




Annual plasma fractionation capacity

800.000 litres


“Trust is founded on the expectation that all employees follow the carefully established and necessarily complex rules in providing high-quality pharmaceuticals.”