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Lingolsheim Plant, France


Located near Strasbourg, the facility was acquired in April 1999 from Aventis. In less than a year, the plant was integrated into Octapharma operations by the transfer of technology for the production of Factors VIII and IX, immunoglobulins and albumin, using intermediate plasma fractions from the basic fractionation plant in Vienna.


The plant was further upgraded over the following 10 years to allow for the processing of 500,000 litres of plasma per year starting with thawing of the plasma pool, as well as the purification of intermediates from 1 million litres plasma-equivalent.

Though restricted by its inner city location, the premises were enlarged by purchasing adjacent land to construct a new building to accommodate modern analytical laboratories, administration units, and production-related personnel facilities required for a 350 person workforce.


A production unit for PCC factor concentrate was added in 2005/2006 to further increase productivity and strengthen the position of this site as prime production unit for global self-sufficiency projects.


On-site units
Fractionation/purification; pharmaceutical production; Quality Control laboratories; administrative units; storage facilities

Products manufactured

octagam®, albunormTM, octanate®, octanine®F, octaplex®




Annual plasma fractionation capacity

500,000 litres (fractionation)
1 million litres (purification)


“Our products, with their excellent tolerability, are developed under the credo: if you respect the proteins, then the proteins will respect you.”