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Dessau Plant, Germany


Situated in Saxony-Anhalt, the plant was established in 1990 to create a labelling and packaging, storage, and distribution hub for Octapharma products supplied initally to the German market. 


In 2007 it was decided to transform the site into a modern, state-of-the-art packaging and logistics centre for world-wide dispatch, and to consolidate labelling and packaging operations from other manufacturing facilities. A production facility with seven labelling and packaging lines, a receiving and dispatch area, as well as a number of storage facilities with a total capacity of 3,500 pallets were completed in a 6,000 m² area after only 9 months of construction.


It is now fully operational, approximately more than one half of all Octapharma products are packaged and shipped from Dessau to destinations worldwide.


To expand the plant's scope beyond packaging and logistics, a project has been initiated to build facilities for the manufacture of an auxiliary material required in the production process of prion-depleted frozen plasma for transfusion.


On-site subsidiaries
Branch of Octapharma GmbH Langenfeld

Products manufactured

None as of yet. It is our global center of excellence for packaging with 7 dedicated lines.




Annual plasma fractionation capacity

Labelling, packaging and storage facilities


“In order to fulfil specific local and/or legal requirements in various countries, a professional packaging operation is the prerequisite for the worldwide distribution and sale of our top quality products.”